“You don’t get older, you get better.”

As I write this I’m counting hours to my 18th birthday. Of course, there’s a tinge of excitement since getting this chance to celebrate another year of greater things and opportunities in life may be rare to come by. I’m also delighted as this is my first post since I created my blog.

I can’t also say that it’s that normal routine when you just wake up to birthday wishes,gifts or even a birthday cake(which you’ll probably eat a tiny piece and forget that it actually existed). No, I believe there is more to that. It’s that day that it finally dawns on me that probably no one will no longer see me as a kid, but as a young adult who is bound to make sound decisions in her life. Be it in school, home or even in the society.

Having that in mind, I can say that my birthday wish is to be that lady whom you’ll always look up to regardless of whether I’m 20 years younger than you or few months older. It’s also my wish that I’ll live to be a better and more responsible Priscilla than I was before.Young as I am, I have a legacy to build.

I thank God for giving me this chance to experience yet another year of greatness. I can’t also forget the support and love from my family and friends for the past 17 years.I love you all!

And with all that, Happy 18th birthday to me!!! https://wanjapriscilla.wordpress.com